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Year 2018
Volume 26
Authors Bernakevych I., Vahin P., Koziy I., Shynkarenko H.
Name of the article Numerical analysis of the state of geometric nonlinear shells generated by thermal loads
Abstract A nonlinear initial-boundary problem for shells amenable to shear and compression has been formulated. The key equations for determining the non-stationary thermoelastic state of the mathematical model of shells under consideration have been noted. The problem of determining the thermal stresses of a plate, which is in uneven heating conditions has been numerically solved. The case when the plate is heated by heat exchange in accordance with Newtons law with an environment whose temperature is described by a normal-circular law was considered. The numerical solutions obtained in linear and geometrically nonlinear formations have been comparable.
Language Ukrainian
PDF format Bernakevych I., Vahin P., Koziy I., Shynkarenko H. 
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