Scientific publications of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Visnyk of the Lviv University. Series Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematical Modelling
Bernakevych I. Fluid influence on spreading waves in cylindrical shell at an impulse face load Details
Dubovyk A., Kvasnytsya H. The numerical modeling of the bodies with thin shell inclusions intense state Details
Dyyak I., Tuchapsky R. A numerical investigation of problem of axisymmetric theory of elasticity by an adaptive indirect boundary element method Details
Kondratyuk Y., Shynkarenko G. A study of solvability of evolution mixed variational formulations for the linear viscoelasticity Details
Kopytko M. A numerical scheme with nonlinear flux correction for the solution of convection-diffusion problems Details
Krevs V., Savula Ya. Hierarchic models and domain decomposition in D-adaptive heat conduction modeling Details
Kukharskiy V., Savula Ya. Research of variational advection-diffusion problems in Environments with thin heterogeneity Details
Starodub G. Wave equation for the investigation of stresses in the fault zone of the earth Details
Bernakevich I.E., Shinkarenko G.A. Cylindrical shell influence on spreading a shock wave in the fluid filling Details
Blazhievska O.V., Mandzak T.I. On effectiveness of the exponent adjusting method for solving heat and mass transfer problems in porous media Details
Burenko W.I., Mukha I.S. Stability numerical analysis of complicated form flexible shell constructions Details
P.S. Vengerskij, V.M. Trushevskij Numerical modeling of drain of fine water in kinematics approximation Details
A.P. Vlasyuk, E.I. Kateryna The solution of one dimensional stationary problem of soil layer stressed deformed state under the condition of mass-transfer Details
A.P. Vlasyuk, P.M. Martinyuk The numerical expression of a filtration consolidation problem taking into account the salt trasfer Details
A. Vlasyuk, V. Samconyuk The numerical expressions of a mass-transfer problem of salt solutions in the soil layer Details
Demydyuk M.V. Calculation of a natural oscillation of the structure of portal robot Details
Zhuravchak L.M. Using the co-boundary and contact elements in geoelectric problems for an inhomogeneous mountain range Details
Kvasnytsya H. Numerical modeling of intense-deformed state of elastic bodies with rod inclusions Details
Kundrat M.M. Compozition with rigid fibre inclusion Details
Lytwyn B.A. Using of cubic smoothing splines in the optimal control problem of the motion of bipedal walking robot Details
Marchuk M.V., Khomyak M.M. Comparative numerical analysis of the contact stresses in the two-layered plate for models of the linear distribution of displacements accross the tickness of a layer and elasticity under cylindrical bending Details
Opanasovich V.K., Korkuna M.D. Double periodic problem for the plate with two the rectilinear cracks in the retangular array of the periods Details
Procjuk B., Verba I. Non-stationary one-dimensional field of three-layer bodies with plane-parallel interfaces Details
Savula Y.G., Krevs V.V. Numerical analysis of a hierarchic thin elastic shell model Details
Terendij O.V. Investigation and simulation of process of medical diagnosis discovering Details
Fundak O.V., Shynkarenko H.A. Numerical solution of variational problems for the motion of shallow water basins Details
Shkvar Ye.O. Mathematical modelling of turbulent flows of homoheneous polimer solutions Details
Shkvar Ye.O., Mamchuk V.I., Moiseyenko M.Y. The mathematical modelling of the turbulent near-wall jets at rough cylinders under axial-symmetrical flow Details
Shumilina N. Influence of change of the form of inclusion boundary surface part on filtration flow Details
Shcherbatyy M.V., Shcherbata I.V., Kharkiv N.V. Numerical research of potential possibilities of economic development of territory-industrial systems with pollution of environment taken into account Details
Shcherbyna N.M. Evaluation of contact stiffness in a composite shell with an account of material damage Details
Grits'ko E.G., Gudz' R.V., Zhuravchak L.M. The filtration processes modelling in locally inhomogeneous objects Details
Sherbatyy M.V., Ivankiv K.S. Formulation and algorithm of solution of optimal control problems of infectious disease processes using clinical and laboratory observed data Details
Koval M., Makar V., Savula Y. Adaptive quadrilateral mesh generation for finite elements method Details
Kozel A., Fundak O., Shynkarenko G. Numerical analysis of mixed variational problems for advection–diffusion equations: 1. Problems formulations and fem schemes Details
Burak Y., Chaplia Y., Chernukha O. Mathematical model of vertical admixture diffusion in two-phase random nonhomogeneous stratified bodies Details
Burenko W. Subspace iterations method convergence analysis for shell stability problems Details
Venrersky P., Trushevsky V., Shynkarenko G. Stabilization of the numeric solution of a variational problem of shallow water flow Details
Gorobets O., Yelejko Y. Premium principles for some kind of insurance Details
Maksymuk A., Shcherbyna N. Influence of defensive cover on thermal conditions of bounded volumes Details
Mamchuk V. Mathematical modeling of development of turbulent near wall flaws on the oscillating bodies Details
Ostudin B., Romanenko A. The plasma boundary formation of highvoltage glowing discharge in the selfconsistent field of electronion optical system Details
Vahin P., Yamelynets A. The solution of substance migration problem Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P. Filtration consolidatiob problem of the soil layer under hydrotechnical constraction taking into account the salt transfer Details
Dyyak I., Berezyuk T. Hybrid coupled finite-boundary element scheme for elasticity problem on the base of domain decomposition Details
Yeleyko Y., Kopytko B., Hrishchuk R. Pricing of the bills in a transitional period Details
Êîssàê Î., Hrycak P. Heat transfer in duct for hydrodynamically fluids Details
Marecka E. Mathematic modelling of life insurance Details
Makhorkin I., Senyk A. Model of efficient heat source for an orthotropic cylindrical body, irradiated by concentrated entrgy flow Details
Popovych V., Ivankiv K. Nonlinear problem of a thermal conduction for sphere with heat exchange Details
Chaplia Y., Chernukha O., Bozhenko B. On mass transfer of admixture in two-phase random nonhomogeneous fibroid media Details
Levchenko O. Mathematical simulation of hydrological processes in territory of Lviv district Details
Vengersky P., Demkovych O. Numeric analyse of filtration water in saturated ground zone Details
Vengersky P., Trushevsky V. Numeric investigations of shallow water stabilized problem in approximation of kinematic wave Details
Voytovych V., Horlatch V. Numerical analysys of natural frequencies of threedimensional elastic bodies Details
Gafiychuk V., Prykarpatsky A., Prytula M. Symplectic analysis of the dynamical system associated with a stochastic replicator Fisher type model Details
Gudz R., Petlyovaniy A. Modeling of stationary process of heatflow in the body with the set of local unhomogeneities by using complex boundary element method Details
Zhuravchak L., Mykhas’kiv V., Fitel G. Solving the non–stationary heat conduction problem for thermosensitive polygone by boundary and near–boundary element methods Details
Koval M., Savula Y. Using of buble-functions based on quadrilateral finite elements for numerical analysis of filtering problem Details
Leshchuk S., Vovk V. Researches of a new technology of a dental prosthetics by methods of computer simulation Details
Tychkovskiy R., Tsegelyk G. The mathematical modeling of optimal using performance of computers in computing networks Details
Vihak V., Tokovyi Yu. Necessary conditions for displacements of existing solution to the plane mixed problem of elasticity in a rectangle Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P. Filtration consolidation problem of the soil layer taking into account the salt transfer in nonisothermal conditions Details
Gudz R., Petlyovaniy A. Complex variable boundary element method in Modelling of physical processes in bodies with the composite materials Details
Zhuravchak L., Chekurin V., Shumilina N. The temperature field in piecewise–homogeneous half-plane and problems of identification of near-surfase inclusions Details
Kvasnytsya H., Shynkarenko G. Comparison of simple a posteriori error estimators in finite element analysis for elastostatics problems Details
Kozarevska Yu. The regularization of numerical solutions of variational problems of impurities migration: an adaptive finite element method. Part 1. Details
Kundrat M., Sulym G. Prefracture zones in compositions with inclusion Details
Maksymuk A., Shcherbyna N. Refined calculation of the stress state for limited shells with residual strains Details
Nikolaev A., Kurennov S. The basic thermoelastic problems for multi tied domain, which is bounded by sphere’s and stretched spheroid surfaces Details
Savula Ya., Ivankiv K., Stelmaschuk S. Mathematical modeling of alcoholic fermentation biochemical procåsses Details
Chaplia Y., Chernukha O. Vertical heterodiffusion in a horizontal two-layer area Details
Shcherbatyy M., Ìatsong Ya. Optimal control and parameters identification of system of ordidary differential equations Details
Garasym J., Datsiv G. The Green’s function using for solving a boundary problem of potential theory in semispace Details
Hachkevych Î., Drobenko B. Mathematical simulation of induction heating of electrically conductive solids Details
Horlatch V., Shynkarenko A. Raviart–thomas approximations for the analysis of hydroacoustics problems Details
Zhuravchak L. Join application of methods of near-boundary and contact elements for solving the non-stationary heat conductivity problem for a zonally-homogeneous solid Details
Zarivnjak I. A probability of a loss of a flat form stability of a collapsible core under the influence of random loadings and initial deflections in a plane, which is parallel to the glued seams Details
Kozarevska Y. The application of h-adaptive finite element method to solve nonstationary migration problems. Details
Lavryk S., Chapko R. On the numerical solution of the non-stationary convection-diffusion problem by integral equations method Details
Revenko V. Finding komponents of the stress-strain state for bending of orthotropic cantilever by transverse force Details
Sulym H., Kryven V., Mandzij L., Kaplun À. Plasticity bands development in the ideal elastic-plastic body with collinear system of shift cracks Details
Sukhorolsky M. Generalized solution of the problem of local loading of the layer Details
Barnyak M. Approximate method of construction of solutions of the problem about natural modes of perfect fluid in an inclined cylinder Details
Bernakevych I. Cylindrical Timoshenko – Mindlin shell influence on spreading a shock wave in the fluid filling Details
Voytovych V. Forced harmonic oscillations of fluid-structure dissipative systems Details
Gachkevich M., Gachkevich O., Irza E., Kasperski Z. Numerical approach to stress optimization during thermal processing of piece-wise homogeneous shell of revolution Details
Gudz R., Zhuravchak L., Petlyovaniy A. Modeling of stress-strained state of zonally-homogeneous solids by methods of boundary and near-boundary elements Details
Klakovych L. About Galerkin’s method convergence in problems of the linear antenna array analysis Details
Kozel A., Shynkarenko G. Solutions stabilization of variational problem for advection-diffusion equations with least-squares method Details
Kravchenko O. Numerical investigation of unlinear tasks of composite plastes on the deformed base theory Details
Chaplia Y., Chernukha O., Moros H. Admixture diffusion in a strip with randomly disposed interlayer under nonideal mass contact conditions Details
Berbyuk V., Demydyuk M., Lytwyn B. Mathematical modelling of human gait based on experimental data Details
Galkevich P., Vovk J., Korkuna A. Simulation of systems of a type 'probe - jaw of the man' Details
Gryts’ko E., Zhuravchak L., Fitel G., Shumilina N. The automation of numerical investigation of physical fields in polygons using co-boundary elements method Details
Didyk V., Kovalchuk B. Thermal stresses in free bounded cylinderical shell Details
Povidaylo V., Gavrilchenko O., Tayanov S., Lanets O. Simulate of the electromagnetic vibrofeeders of the vibration machines Details
Prytula M., Vorobyova O., Hentosh O. Hamiltonian invariant reduction of the inverse Kaup Broer dynamical system Details
Savula Ya., Dyakonuk L. The investigation of the variational problem of heat-transfer in multilayered environment with thin inclusions Details
Tverdokhlib I. Evaluation of consequences of a modification of the prices on products of a feed in region with an inhomogeneous social structure of the population Details
Trushevsky V. Mathematical modeling of a shallow water flows on a surface: construction of model Details
Shcherbyna Y., Darchuk O. A problem of managing the credit portfolio Details
Fitel G.V. Application of near-boundary elements method for solution of nonstationary heat conduction problem with the III kind nonlinear boundary condition Details
Artemenko V. Modelling Of Complex Estimations Of Efficiency Socio-Economic Development Of Regions In The Context Of Criteria Of Population Life Quality Details
Vengersky P., Trushevsky V. About Selection Of Stabilization Factor In Variational Problems Of Shallow Water Flow Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P. Filtration Consolidation Problem Of The Heterogeneous Soil Layer Taking Into Account The Salt Transfer In Nonisothermal Conditions Details
Galaziuk V., Prokopyshyn I. Large Plastic Deformations Of A Thin Cone Shell Details
Hachkevych O., Smirnov O., Shynkarenko G. Numerical Modelling Of Non-Linear Semiconductor Devices Processes Details
Yeleyko Ya., Zhernovyi Yu. Probability Of A Dangerous State Of Composite Rods And Joins With Random Forces And Initial Deflections Details
Maslov B., Shatylo L. Stress Distribution Near The Crack Tip In The Defective Material Details
Revenko V. Construction Of General Presentations Of Solutions To Lame Equations And Calculation Of 3D Stressed-Streined State Of A Cylinder Details
Shcherbyna N., Zhuk M. Solution Of The Problem About The Bending Of Anisotropic Plates Using Kantorovich Method Details
Kossak O., Hrycak P. Heat Transfer Problem Of Power-Law Non-Newtonian Fluids Details
Grigorenko O., Savula N. Polydimensional boundary value problem of heterogeneous mathematical model of contact interaction of elastic body with thin inclusion Details
Bernakevych ²., Vahin P., Shynkarenko H. Solution of rotational shell–fluid acoustic interaction problems by finite element method Details
Vahin P., Shot ². Analysis of stressedly-deformed mode of thin-wall shells amenable to shift and compression Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P. The numerical expression of a two-dimensional filtration consolidation problem taking into account the salt transfer in nonisothermal conditions Details
Voznyuk S., Nikolaev O. Stress state of elastic hyperboloid with a spherical nonhomogenious steressed by a single force Details
Voytovych V., Horlatch V. Natural vibration of fluid-structure dissipative systems Details
Kurennov S. Calculation of the dynamic stresses in glued joint Details
Kukharskyy V., Tylychko L., Sulym R., Kuharska N. Numerical research of 2D nonsteady advection-diffusion problem in rectangular region Details
Seredenko V., Konovalova Î. Computer simulation of problems of composite dynamics with interphace interaction of components Details
Verbitsky A., Verbitsky V. Finite Element Approximation Of Plate Flutter Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P. Mathematical Modeling Of Thermal Expansion Influencing On Surplus Pressure In Saturated Soils Details
Hachkevych O., Mykhailyshyn V., Ravska-Skotnichna A. Numerical Method Of Solution Of Thermomechanical Problems For Solids At Cooling In The Process Of High Temperature Annealing Details
Dyyak I., Makar I., Prokopyshyn I. Numerical Efficiency Of Hybrid Finite-Boundary Element Approximations For Elasticity Problem Details
Kopytko M. Investigation Of The Liquid Filtration In Porous Curvilinear Layers By Numerical-Analytical Method Details
Lopukh N., Prytula M., P’yanylo Y., Savula Y. Algorithms Of Calculation Of Hydrodynamic Parameters Of Gas Flowing In Pipelines (1) Details
Martynovych B. Construction Of Analytic Solution Of First Boundary Value 2-D Problem Of Elasticity Theory In Doubly-Connected Concentric Non-Round Domain Of Rectilinear-Anisotropic Medium Details
Makhnitsky R., Shcherbyna N., Butyter I. Stability Of The Laminated Cylindrical Shells With Equilibrium Delaminations Details
Mukha I., Nesplak D. Simulation Of Nonlinear Processes Of A Thermal Conduction In Thin-Walled Bodies Of The Complicated Form Details
Nikolaev A., Scherbakova Y. The Analysis Of The Stresses -Deformed Condition Transversely Isotropic Spheroid With A Spheroidal Cavity Details
Revenko V. The New Analytical-Numerous Method Of A Solution Of A Boundary Value Problem For Elliptical Equations Of The High Order Details
Sinchuk Y., Shynkarenko G. The Exponential Fem Approximations For Singularly Perturbed Problems Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Details
Bruhal' M., Terletskii R., Fundak O. Numerical Method For Solving Nonlinear Heat And Radiation Transfer Problems In Semitransparent And Opaque Solids Details
Vynnytska L. Application Of Hierarchical Basis For Triangular In Solving Elasticity Theory Problems Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P., Kalenik M. The Numerical Expression Of A Two-Dimensional Filtration Consolidation Problem Taking Into Account The Salt And Heat Transfer In Variable Region Details
Datsiv G. On The Numerical Solution Of An Evolution Problem On Part Of The Boundary Of An Axisymmetric Domain Details
Klakovych L., Savenko P. About Solutions Existence Of One Class Of Antenna Arrays Synthesis Problems With Optimization The Radiators Placing Details
Lavryk S. On The Numerical Solution Of The Initial Boundary Value Three-Dimensional Heat Conduction Problem Using Integral Equations Method Details
Makar I. Numerical Integration Schemes For Hypersingular Integrals In Elasticity Problems Details
Mamchuk Vitaliy About Some Algebraic Models Of Turbulence Details
Sulym G., Pasternak Ia. Regularized Somigliana Identity For Elastic Problems With Thin Shapes Details
Trushevskyy V., Shynkarenko G., Shcherbyna N. Application Of Neural Networks For Solving Of Heat Conductivity Problems Details
Chaban F., Shynkarenko G. Postprocessing Polylinear Approximation Refinement Of Finite Element Method In The Problems Of Pieces Migration Details
Vlasenko O., Kravchenko O. The GRID-technologies used for solving the physics of a firm body problems Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P. The numerical expression of the filtration consolidation problem taking into account the salt and heat transfer by the radial basis function method Details
Garasym J., Mochurad L., Ostudin B. Integral equation method for numerical modelling of boundary value problems in potential theory and possibility of its efficient use Details
Hart E. Application of projective-iterative modification of finite elements method for investigation of elastic multylayer solid Details
Yeleyko Ya., Zhernovyi Yu. The statistical-equilibrium state probabilities distribution for the single-server queueing system with forced stoppages of work Details
Zirneeva G. Making decision in the problem of speech recognition on the basis of a principle of Pontryagin’s maximum Details
Karpenko V., Starodub Y. Gaussian line equation on the surface Details
Mandzyuk T., Vovk V. Computer modeling of biomechanical systems in dentistry: a review Details
Prokopyshyn Ihor Parallel domain decomposition schemes for frictionless contact problems of elasticity Details
Seredenko V., Zubko N. Averaging and numeral realization of some tasks of composite systems of interphases Details
Seredenko V., Prokipchuk V. Derivation of convergence rate and computer realization of elliptic boundary value problems Details
Sybil Yu. Axis symmetrical heat problem in unbounded domain with disk crack Details
Trushevskyy V., Shynkarenko G., Shcherbyna N. Definition of the non-stationary temperature field in the plate under mixed conditions of heat exchange with application of new algorithm based on artifical neural networks Details
Yaroshko Svitlana, Yaroshko Sergiy Expansion of the modified method of successive approximations on spectrum problems with polynomial operator pencils Details
Vasilev K., Sulym G. Solution of integral equations of problems for layer structures with thin arbitrarily oriented band inclusions by collocation method Details
Vengersky P., Demkovych O. Fluid ground filtration mathematical model construct Details
Vengersky P., Kokovska Y. One of approaches of modeling of processes of river-bed flow of fluid Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P. The numerical expression of a filtration consolidation problem of earthen dam taking into account the mass and heat transfer by the radial basis function method Details
Hrytsko B., Gudz R., Zhuravchak L. Modeling of temperature field distribution in heterogeneous media by boundary, near-boundary and finite elements Details
Yeleyko Ya., Bebych Yu., Bazylevych I. Probability of insurance company's bankruptcy in the model with the finite time interval and stochastic rate of interest Details
Yeleyko Ya., Zhernovyi Yu. Universal formulas for queueing system with blocking an input flow Details
Malets R. Modeling of heat conductivity processes of the thin three-dimensional layer Details
Lyashenko V., Kobyl’ska E. A solution of one Stefan inverse problem Details
Slupko O., Mandzak T.I., Savula Y.G. Modelling of the movement of gravitational water in a porous medium with the channel Details
Trushevskyy V., Shcherbyna N. Application of artificial neural networks for solving linear-boundary problems with a boundary layer Details
Shamilova B.G. The Laplace transformation of ergodic distribution of the process with two delaying screens Details
Hachkevych O., Mykhailyshyn V. Modelling Of The Stress State Of The Deformable Solids By Cooling After Holding At High Temperature Annealing Details
Kalogeropulos G., Kossak O., Zachkovska K. The Investigation Of The Numerical Solution Of The Linear Singular Systems Details
Yashchuk Y. Adaptive Algorithm Of Numerical Analysis Of Elasticity Problem Details
Abramov Y., Kvasnytsya H., Shynkarenko H. H–adaptive Finite Elements Method With Piecewise Quadratic And Cubic Approximations For One-Dimensional Boundary Value Problems Details
Vavrychuk V. Numerical Solving Mixed Nonstationary Heat Conducation Problem In Semi-Infinite Domain Details
Hrytsko B., Gudz R., Zhuravchak L. Modeling Of Temperature Distribution In Media With Nonlinear Behavior Of Materials Details
Mandzyuk T., Vovk V. To Modeling Of Biomechanical Bodies With Soft Issues Details
Sybil Yu. On Variational Formulation Of The Dirichlet Problem For Elliptic Equation Of The Second Order In Region With Thin Inclusion Details
Chaplya Y., Chernukha O., Vaso N. Mathematical Modelling Diffusive Fluxes In A Layer Details
Shcherbyna N., Zhuk M., Kindybaljuk A. Approximate Solution Of The Linear Boundary Problem On Load-Carrying Capacity Of Orthotropic Plates Details
Bekhta M., Savula Ya. Numerical solution of semipermeable membrane problem Details
Vlasyuk A., Martinyuk P. Numerical comparison of approximate solutions of a filtration consolidation problem taking into account the salt and heat transfer and skeleton creep of a three-phase soil by the radial basis function method and finite element method Details
Yeleiko Ya., Lazariv T., Mazur S. Main mathematical characteristics of payment functional Details
Kokovska Y. Use linear and quadratic approximations for solution of problem of fluid flow in chanel Details
Kulyk Í., Kulyk V. Exponentially dichotomous systems with an identically degenerate matrix Details
Lytvyn O., Iarmosh O. Mathematical modeling formation of high school students number Details
Mukha I., Savula N., Styahar A. Analysis of the mathematical model of Tymoshenko Details
Dyyak I., Yashchuk Yu. Finite-boundary element error estimator in elasticity problems Details
Kindybaliuk Arkadii, Prytula M. The modified method of Lie-algebraic approximations for elliptic equations with inhomogeneous boundary value conditions Details
Michuta O., Vlasyuk A., Martyniuk P. Mathematical modeling of influence of chemical erosion and non-isothermal conditions on the filtration consolidation of saline soils in three-dimensional case Details
Pryadko O., Tsegelyk H. The problem of minimizing credit risks in the distribution of credit costs of bank taking into account the needs of borrowers Details
Romanuke V. Procedure of transforming the minimaxed probability distribution due to tracing an object for evaluating the object factor with a finite set of its theoretical values Details
Savula Y., Turchyn J., Kit N. Computer simulation of drug dissolution in living tissues Details
Sybil Yu. Neumann problem for elliptic equation of the second order in bounded domain with thin inclusion Details
Grynkevych N., Trushevsky V., Shcherbyna N. Applying of artificial neural network to solving of shallow water flow problem in kinematical approximation Details
Dushkin V. Mathematical models of plane wave scattering on multilayer impedance structures Details
Kossak O., Kholyavka Ya. Group operations on elliptic curves Details
Kukharskyy V., Savula Ya., Kryven I. Modified method of residual-free bubbles for solving the advection-diffusion problem with hight Peclet number Details
Melnychyn A., Tsegelyk G. Comparative analysis optimal models index methods organization of database files Details
Nazarenko O., Karpusha M. Specification, identification and solving static optimization problem in the case of weakly-formalized systems Details
Vovk O., Kvasnytzia G., Ostapov O., Shynkarenko H. A posteriori error estimators of quadratic serendipity finite element approximations for elliptic boundary value problems Details
Yeleyko Ya., Shcherbyna Yu., Dmytriv S. Definition of the risk using fuzzy set theory Details
Zhuk M., Kindybaljuk Adriana, Shcherbyna N. Analytically-numerical approach to solution of the problem of bending of orthotropic rectangular plates resting on an elastic foundation Details
Kindybaliuk Arkadii, Shynkarenko H. Properties of the power basis functions of the finite element method for singular perturbed problems of advection-diffusion-reaction Details
Kossak O., Kholyavka Ya. Encryption using elliptic curve Details
Romanuke V. An expected value invariant by the probability distribution as a second player optimal strategy in the game with minimizing assuredly the absolute deviations Details
Venherskyi P. Problem of compatible movement surface and groundwater flow on the territory of watershed Details
Dushkin V. The models of electromagnetic waves scattering on the impedance strips located in the dielectric layer and on its surface Details
Kindybaliuk Arkadii, Shynkarenko H. Application of the power basis functions of the finite element method for singular perturbed problems of advection – diffusion – reaction Details
Kushnir I., Eleyko Y. Estimates of mean resistance to disease by area of Ukraine and forward-looking assessment of financial condition of the insurance company for example voluntary health insurance Details
Mylyo O., Kholyavka Ya. Simultaneous approximation of values of Weierstrass and Jacobi elliptic functions Details
Stelmashchuk V., Shynkarenko H. Numerical modeling of dynamical pyroelectricity problems Details
Trushevsky V., Shynkarenko H. Concurrent approximation of elliptic boundary value problems by radial basis function neural network Details
Chekurin V., Sinkevych O. The boundary-element algorithms for problems of cavity identification in cylindrical body surface temperature field Details
Vovk V., Leshtchuk S., Mandzyuk T. To modeling of biomechanical bodies with soft issues Details
Drebotiy R., Shynkarenko H. Symmetrization of diffusion-advection-reaction problem and hp-adaptive finite element approximations Details
Zhuk M., Kindybaliuk Adriana Application of Kantorovich method for solving partial differential equation of fourth odrer Details
Kossak O., Kholyavka Ya. OT-protoñol using Edwards elliptic curve Details
Popovych V., Zavodovska N. The temperature field of finite-length thermosensitive hollow cylinder with convective heat exchange with the variable-functional temperatures environment Details
Bilynskyi A. Assessment of the probability of bankruptcy in the event of payment distributed by subexponential laws Details
Gadjiev T., Aliev S., Maharramova T. Holder estimates for the solutions of degenerate nonlinear elliptic equations of non-divergence type Details
Kindybaliuk Adriana, Kindybaliuk Arkadii, Prytula M. Backward heat equation solution via Lie-algebraic discrete approximations Details
Kokovska Y., Prytula M. About mathematical water flow models in pseudoprizmatic channel Details
Vovk O., Kvasnytsya H., Shynkarenko H. Exact total a posteriori error estimation of fem approximations for dual torsion problems Details
Kinash A., Chabanyuk Ya., Khimka U. The asymptotic dissipativity property of the evolutional process with markov switching Details
Kindybaliuk Arkadii, Prytula M. Power basis function of fem for singular perturbed boundary value problem of advection-diffussion-reaction with discontinuos coefficients Details
Kossak O., Boretska I., Dovhanyk O. Investigation of degenerate systems of differential equations using generalized inverse Details
Mylyo O., Kholyavka Ya. Simultaneous approximation of periods and the values of two elliptic Weierstrass functions Details
Spodar N., Savula Ya. Application of multiscale finite element method for solving the advection-diffusion problems Details
Mamchuk V. The calculation of turbulent boundary layers Details
Mykhailiuk I., Prytula M. The (G'/G)-expansion method and traveling wave solu¬tions to some inverse nonlinear dynamic systems Details
Romanuke V. Optimal hidden layer neurons number in two-layer perceptron and pixel-to-scale standard deviations ratio for its training on pixel-distorted scaled 60-by-80-images in scaled objects classification problem Details
Savula Y., Turchyn Y. Exponential replacement in finite element method for the problem of advection-diffusion Details
Stelmashchuk V., Shynkarenko H. Finite element analysis of Green-Lindsay thermopiezoelectricity time-harmonic problem Details
Bernakevych I., Vahin P., Koziy I., Shynkarenko H. Numerical analysis of the state of geometric nonlinear shells generated by thermal loads Details
Venherskyi P., Kokovska Y., Trushevskyi V. Application of different approaches to the solution of the problem of chanell water flow in kinematic approximation Details
Drebotiy R., Shynkarenko H. Elementwise decomposition of a posteriori error estimator based on reference solution for hp-adaptive finite element method Details
Kindybaliuk Arkadii, Prytula M. Direct method of Lie-algebraic discrete approximations for advection equation Details
Romanuke V. A dropout technique study for the Faster R-CNN detectors with pretrained convolutional neural networks for detecting very simple objects that can be masked Details
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