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Computer Science
Prytula Myroslav, Kornijchuk O. Characteristics calculation and planning in multi-stage service systems Details
Vovk V. An application of the object-oriented approach to the development of information systems b ased on relational databases Details
Levchenko O. Creation of continuous relief surfaces in the cartographical system ArcView Details
Nikolski I., Shcherbyna Yu. Genetic algorythms in extremal problems. I Details
Plakhta L., Prytula Myroslav Impulsive processes on the weighted directed graphs Details
Vahin P.P., Levchenko O.M. Problems of creation and functioning of two-tasks complexes: Paradox-ArcView Details
Berezka K.M. The algorithms of a construction of groups of transformations Details
Bilynsky M.E., Pereymybida A.A. The distribution of the reflexive synonymity differential values in the electronic thesaurus of English verbs and deverbatives Details
J.S. Garasym, S.G. Deshchenko, O.D. Kotsovs'kyj, B.A. Ostudin, A.A. Perejmybida Major possibilities and principles of the functioning of software for the electronic protection of banking information Details
Dorotska K.S. The construction of optimal designs of r-level indexed sequential files for various laws of probability distribution of requesting to records Details
Zoloto P.V., Gudz R.V. Scientific and computer seffstudier in course Perspective for artists, designers and architects Details
Kardash A.I., Kostovsky O.M., Rykaljuk R.E. 40 years of computer centre of Lviv university Details
Kostiv O.V., Chernyakhovskii V.V. The state of implementation of information technology in Ukraine Details
Nikolski I.V., Shpount K.G. Intelligent system for knowledge searching in information envoronments with unstuctured data Details
Tarasov D.O. Access restricted from the network to the database Details
Tverdokhlib I.P. Automation of a technique of account of elasticity of demand on products in region Details
Filyak M.I., Tsehelyck G.G. An effectiveness of the two-level block searching method in ordered files for various laws of probabilities distribution of requesting to records Details
Shcherbyna M.Yu. Methods for development of parallel web page versions Details
Jadzhak M.S. An algorithm for numerical solving the generalized digital filtering problem Details
Hodych O., Holub B., Shcherbyna Yu. Stock market prediction using artificial neural networks Details
Keberle N. Heterogeneous database and knowledge-based integrating systems: the review Details
Levchenko O. Approximation of Lviv region relief in the cartographical system ArcView Details
Podoliuk Y., Pereymybida A. Internet Information protection based on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems Details
Tsehelyck H., Filyak M. The effectiveness of the r-level block searching method in ordered files Details
Jadzhak M. Organization of quasisystolic computations under solving the digital filtering problems Details
Vovk V., Mushkevich B. An application of the object-oriented approach to model's development of processes of information systems based on relational databases Details
Hodych O., Shcherbyna Yu. Solving the nonlinear least squares problem using artificial neural networks Details
Nikolski I., Shcherbyna Yu., Yakymechko R. Decision trees and their applications for diagnosis in medicine Details
Chernyakhovskij V. Information modelling in the tasks of school informatics Details
Shakhovska N. Indeterminations simulation and databases intelligence analyses by multiple-valued logic Details
Jadzhak M. Application of the algorithms of solving the digital filtering problems for realization neural networks computations Details
Hodych O., Shcherbyna Yu. Self-organizing neural network and its application for data classification Details
Yelejko Ya., Muzychuk A. Financial funds movement among entities Details
Zhezhnych P., Syerov Yu. Intelligence assets accounting system Details
Lizunov P., Beloshcitskiy A. Usage of the corporate computer network in activity of the higher educational institution Details
Tychkovskiy R., Tsegelyk G. The genetic algorithm using for solving imathematical modeling of optimal file allocation amongst computing networks nodes Details
Mazurok I. Model of a realization of cognitive structures storage in intellectual information systems Details
Filyak M., Tsehelyk H. Organization the optimal record search in sequential files using the secondary keys Details
Jadzhak M. Parallel organization of computations in neural networks of one type Details
Valkovskii V., Terendij O. The language and axiomation presentation of knowledges in medical diagnostic Details
Vysochanskij V., Kostiv O., Chernyakhovskij V. School informatics: resume, problems and perspectives Details
Masiutin S., Gudz R. Automatisation of academic process accounting at a department Details
Nikolski I., Shpunt K. Using unified modeling language in developing of unconstrained optimization software Details
Filyak M., Tsehelyck H. The method of r-level block searchinq of records in ordered files and his effectiveness Details
Vovk V. An Application Of The Object-Oriented Approach To Data Topology Distribution In Computers Net Details
Hodych O., Shcherbyna Yu. ADD Neural Network Details
Levchenko O. Research Of Exactness Of Construction Of Relief Grid-Surfaces: High-Quality Estimation Details
Hodych O., Shcherbyna Yu. Training of SOM neural networks with neural migration Details
Golushkoff E., Petrushina T. Using wavelet transformation for fractal compression acceleration Details
Horlatch V., Levchenko O. Organization of information gathering for creation of the university web site Details
Melnytchyn A., Tsegelyk G. Efficiency of methods of binary search of information in the files of data-bases for different laws of probability distribution of requesting to the records Details
Muzychuk Andriy One profit optimization problem Details
Levchenko O. Research of exactness of construction of relief grid-surfaces: quantitative estimation Details
Prytula N., Yeleyko Ya., Prytula M. Problems and algorithms of distribution of discrete streams on networks Details
Yeleyko Ya.I., Muzychuk A.A. On About Financial Flows Behavior Details
Lisovets V., Tsehelyk H. The M-Parallel Method Sequenced Field Searching In File Of Database And Its Effectiveness Details
Makhort . The Modelling Of Monopoly Influences On An Economic System In The Case Of Nonlinear Technology Details
Rabotnikov A. Dependance Of Insurers Loss On Variation Of Mortality Details
Eleyko J., Bakan M. Application of a Markov chain for prediction of dynamics (changes) of magnification (diminution) of investments (investment inflows) under certain conditions Details
Lisovets V., Tsehelyk H. The comparing analyzes of effectiveness of the parallel record searching methods in a database file Details
Savenkova O., Karpov O. Information technology of syllable sinthesis realization Details
Chernyakhovskij V. Medial conditions of problems of building maximal simple chains of incomplete graph Details
Hodych O., Nakryiko A., Shcherbyna Y. Inductive methods for modelling agent navigation Details
Lytwyn B. About some modification of hybrid real-coded genetic algorithm for optimization problems Details
Telenyk S., Rolik A., Bukasov M., Kryzhova K. Data centers resources control Details
Holub B. Nested Sets Hierarchical Model In Relational Databases Details
Yeleyko Ya., Kosarevych K. On Equilibrium Mixed ooperative And Generalized Leadership Strategies Of Symmetric Oligopoly In Random Environment Details
Nikitchenko M., Ivanov E. Compositionally Nominative Language Programs With Associative Dereferencing Details
Kopytko B., Zhernovyi K. Optimization Of Parameters Of Service For The Modified M/M/1/M And M/M/1 Queueing Systems Details
Hodych O., Kushnir P., Shcherbyna Y. Intelligent system for modeling the behavior of agents in the problem of navigation Details
Yeleiko Ya., Kulykovets N., Zbroinska B. Modelling transaction costs under uncertainty Details
Lytwyn B. Modification of the parallel real-coded genetics algorithm Details
Hodych O., Kushnir P., Shcherbyna Y. Navigation agent decision based on states and acts space approximation with artificial neural networks Details
Chernyakhivskij V. Isolated medial conditions and their properties for the maximization problem of constructing a simple circuit graph Details
Lenko V., Karaba A. An image data recovery using Kohonens maps Details
Chernyakhivskij V. Constructing problems of the simple chain of graph for bounded mid conditions Details
Chernyakhivskij V. The cyclic maximal simple chain of an incomplete graph Details
Zadorozhnia N. , Eleyko Y., Shcherbyna Yu. Cluster analysis while assessing the level of knowledge according to the external independent testing in the regions of Ukraine Details
Shcherbyna Y., Turkalo M. Design of fuzzy inference systems in image processing problems Details
Kukharskyy V., Ursul I. The technology of software development for typical subsystem of University Integrated Management Information System Details
Chernyakhivskij V. Computational complexity of some algorithms on graphs Details
Iaroshko S., Iaroshko O. Using of event-based asynchronous pattern for the visualization of selected sorting algorithms execution in the .Net framework Details
Kukharskyy V., Oseredchuk O. Webometrics is a challenge or a tool for the University: Modeling the growth dynamics of rating indicators Details
Harbaruk H., Shcherbyna Yu. Consensus problem in peer-to-peer networks. Implementation of banks transactions based on blockchain technology Details
Hryvniak M., Shcherbyna Yu. An approach to dynamic additional training of decision trees Details
Mykhailiuk K., Yuriyak V., Yaroshko Sergii Development of the database manager for DBMS MongoDB in Pharo environment Details
Seliverstov R. Python-analysis of refereeing concordance by the example of ballroom dance competitions Details
Yaroshko Sergii, Yaroshko Svitlana Usage of the event mechanism of C# .NET in creation of Windows Forms component Details
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